About Us

The Mandate of Transforming Grace Church

Establish a "House of Prayer" for all nations where the glory of God is evident.




The Vision Statement of Transforming Grace Church

Empowerment to fulfill destiny by knowing God intimately, thereby transforming lives and positively influencing society.


About Transforming Grace Church

At Transforming Grace Church, we believe that you are born to live a victorious life, and that you have a purpose and a destiny to fulfill. This destiny is already concluded in the mind of God. We believe your greatest achievement in life is to discover your destiny and purpose in life and to walk in it. We believe this is the prefect will of God. 


Therefore we teach the Word of God with simplicity and understanding, making the Word applicable to every area of life. By doing this, we are empowered to discover our destiny and to fulfill our purpose, thereby living a victorious life. TGC is a church that affords you the opportunity to discover yourself, your worth, and to do something great about it!

We create room for extracting and developing the leader in you, thereby empowering you to transform your life and positively influence your society. Transforming Grace Church is a miracle ground where the Lord meets the needs of His people. It is a “House of Prayer” for all nations, regardless of age, color, or gender.

At Transforming Grace Church, we believe that “Word based prayer” is the gateway to empowerment. You are welcome to join us during one of our services, and we assure you that you will be blessed. Transforming Grace Church is a warm family that genuinely cares for you. Jesus loves you, and so do we!